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Reviews for Experian CreditExpert rated by 26 GreasyPalm members.

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Subject: Experian Free Credit Trial
Author: Missbungle Posted: 7th Jan 08
Recommended:   No
Rating: 1.00 Star Rating
Review: Tried to order a free credit report but apparently my address could not be verified for some reason? Then it says 'We cannot process your order' and gives a helpline number. Tried it a few times and it continued to display the same message. Annoying! :o(
Subject: Great Service
Author: Sohail Posted: 9th Oct 07
Recommended:   Yes
Rating: 5.00 Star Rating
Review: Was good to use... easy site... Staff were very friendly. took about a ten days for my cashback but good overall!
Subject: professional site
Author: Robert Posted: 1st Jun 07
Recommended:   Yes
Rating: 5.00 Star Rating
Review: Very useful, and user friendly. Take the time to read terms and cons to understand what you are getting, and how to cancel.
Subject: Credit view
Author: Nicola Pamplin Posted: 30th Mar 07
Recommended:   Yes
Rating: 5.00 Star Rating
Review: I signed up for the free 30 day trial. Was able to view my credit report straight away on line, which becomes very interesting when you realise one company does numerous searches for one loan!! I recieved an update if anything changed on my report via e-mail. At the end of the 30 days i rang to cancel, and surprisingly wasn't pushed in to signing up for monthly subscription!1 Would reccomend to anyone!!
Subject: Top notch!
Author: Laura Wallace Posted: 26th Nov 06
Recommended:   Yes
Rating: 5.00 Star Rating
Review: Just perfect! Could check all companies that had accessed my credit rating, and check myself - ended up signing up after the free trial so i could keep track ... can never be too careful!
Subject: Excellent
Author: Feebs Posted: 27th Oct 06
Recommended:   Yes
Rating: 5.00 Star Rating
Review: Very fast and easy access over 30 days trial. Cancel well before by email if you want, it worked for me. They'll even text you if they notice any changes or access made to your details. So you can cancel well before but still be able to log in for 30 days.
Subject: Interesting service
Author: Chris Posted: 22nd Oct 06
Recommended:   Yes
Rating: 4.00 Star Rating
Review: Used this service to get a sneaky look at my credit check and complete overview of my financial history. Interesting information, but couldn't see the need to subscribe to this service in the future. Have since cancelled my subsription before the end of my 30 day trial period and all went okay.
Subject: Credit reports
Author: Chris Harbottle Posted: 7th Oct 06
Recommended:   Yes
Rating: 4.00 Star Rating
Review: This is a very user freindly site, with forms that are easy to fill in and descriptions or explanations of information you might be unsure of entering (whether you want to be associated with a partner for joint finances etc.) While you can sign up at £5 a time to see your credit rating at any point, I was shown mine as a one off when it was trying to convince me to part with more money, but this might just have been promotional, see the other reviews of the site. This is by no means useless, as I have discovered a blott on my credit history from something I settled five years ago. As you are given the address's of credit companies you deal with, I am able to write and get this ammended.
Subject: Credit expert - free trial
Author: Wm Posted: 7th Sep 06
Recommended:   No
Rating: 1.00 Star Rating
Review: Unfortunately I found this offer of no use to me. Firstly I think I made a simple mistake on the application and I was turned down for the free trial. Then I was asked to post them two forms of original documentation linking me to my current address plus a copy of either my passport, driving licence or birth certificate. Correcting my error I tried again, but the Credit Expert www site suddenly became "unavailable". Not to be deterred I tried once more a day later, being sure to get all the details correct, but still I was turned down. Perhaps because I have been at more than two addresses in the last six years? Who knows ... so failing to get my free credit report I proceeded to apply for, and get, a credit card. Who needs Credit Expert? Not I, it would seem. If you go for this offer I hope you have better luck than I did.
Subject: Credit expert
Author: Umar Posted: 14th Aug 06
Recommended:   Yes
Rating: 4.00 Star Rating
Review: Great way to earn easy cashback. Fast and simple to apply and got a chance to see my credit report. Doesnt let you see score though, need to pay 4.99 extra. Other than that GO FOR IT!

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