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Subject: Affordable luxury
Author: Ruby Chow Posted: 6th Feb 07
Recommended:   Yes
Rating: 5.00 Star Rating
Review: The site has excellent quality duvet covers and towels. Also the cashmere is good value. I did complain once as a robe I ordered was sold out as I was told internet orders were looked at and dealt with after telephone orders. I then told them to forget the rest of the £200 order if they had that attitude as I wanted it complete and would not order from them again. I then received another phone call offering me a full price complimentary robe as an apology. Now I think they give web orders prority and they still have myself as a regular customer!
Subject: Excellent service
Author: Lynne Posted: 19th Nov 06
Recommended:   Yes
Rating: 5.00 Star Rating
Review: Excellent service all round. Beautiful products with exact delivery. Well packaged with good communication.
Subject: Very luxurious
Author: Vicky Posted: 13th Nov 06
Recommended:   Yes
Rating: 5.00 Star Rating
Review: A brilliant way to add touches of elegance to your home. The items are of excellent quality and are also timeless classics. Don't forget to click through from GreasyPalm as you get 10% off!
Subject: The white company
Author: Joan Webb Posted: 6th Oct 06
Recommended:   Yes
Rating: 5.00 Star Rating
Review: despite a slight hitch re delivery of a bed, The White Company went out of its way to arrange a special delivery for me. The bed arrived in pouring rain and the men put overshoes on and off each time they crossed the threshhold. their products are costly but first rate quality. Their furniture and clcothing are all excellent in design and quality.

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