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Reviews for BetHiLo rated by 2 GreasyPalm members.

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Subject: Great site if you understand spread betting
Author: Anthony Posted: 14th Mar 08
Recommended:   Yes
Rating: 4.00 Star Rating
Review: The reviewer below has clearly never spread bet before. The reason it takes the money out is that £6 is the maximum she can lose. Spread betting is completely different to 'normal' betting. This site is great to learn about how spread betting works using small stakes.
Subject: Bet HiLo
Author: Sue Posted: 5th Mar 08
Recommended:   No
Rating: 1.00 Star Rating
Review: Don't like this one at all! If you place a bet, it takes out of your account the forecasted winnings, before you even know if you've won, eg you have £10 in your account, you bet £1 which could win you £5, it takes £6 from your account immediately! Never known such a way of doing things, and not keen at all.

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