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Subject: Sports world
Author: Dave Posted: 21st Apr 07
Recommended:   Yes
Rating: 4.00 Star Rating
Review: After visiting Sports World I felt I had go some real deals. Constant reduced items up to 80%. I needed to get a jacket quick I wanted something to cover me (haha) for a week while I could find a decent jacket. I found one for 8 quid (yes 8 quid) and I'm still wearing it 2 months later. I never needed to look for another jacket. I've been back 3 times since then buying sports clothes with no problems with quality. Great store lots of choice, go there first before you waste your time wandering the streets for other sports shops.
Subject: Sportsworld deals
Author: Ryan Posted: 11th Feb 07
Recommended:   Yes
Rating: 5.00 Star Rating
Review: Sportsworld stores already have unbeatable prices, with the great cashback rate, they might as well give their products away!

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