Welcome to GreasyPalm,

This short guide is designed to help you get the most from your membership.

We have saved our members over £32 million! We look forward to adding to that figure by sending you regular cashback payments!

Many new members ask how we are able to offer our cashback rewards.

The answer is simple.

Our retailers pay us a commission when we introduce them to new customers. As a GreasyPalm member you receive a share of the commission earned from your purchases.

You still shop direct with the retailer. You pay the same price as any other customer. But you enjoy the money saving benefit of cashback credited to your GreasyPalm account.

Once you have earned £25 or more then we pay you by BACS direct into your nominated bank account or by Amazon Gift Vouchers with a 5% bonus.

The next common question asked of me is, 'So how much can I earn?'.

Well that depends on how frequently you use the site.

For example:

  1. Renew your car insurance with Aviva. Get £40.00 cashback
  2. Insure your home with Policy Expert. Get £65 cashback
  3. Get private health care with More Than... £100 cashback
  4. Change your credit card. Get £20.00 cashback
  5. Switch to a new lower cost energy provider and get.. £30 cashback
  6. Try online Bingo... £20 cashback
  7. Change your mobile contract... £35 cashback
  8. Try a free DVD delivery service.. £8 cashback
  9. Upgrade your ISP broadband service... £17.50 cashback
  10. Refer two friends to GreasyPalm... £14.00 cashback

£349.50 Cashback

Plus save hundreds more on your usual retail purchases from books to DVDs, CD's to electrical goods and clothing to furniture.

What's more, earn extra cashback to take part in surveys, request catalogues and apply for freebies!

(*Cashback rates for example purposes correct as of 15th June 2012)