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Feature Benefit
Manufacturer Warranty Standard 1 Year Warranty
23/1.2 watts :in use/powered-down power consumption Comet Technical lab measurement in Watts of energy consumption of TVs, both in use and on standby. Based on European standard EN62087:2003 using manufacturer standard settings.
C portability rating How portable the machine is, rated based on the weight, battery life, and wireless conectivity
Wireless networking Allows easy connection to a existing wireless network such a s in a office or even to any wireless hot spot. You could th en dowload your emails or surf the internet wirelessly.
2.85 kg weight The weight of the laptop measured in KGs. Look for a light laptop if you are going to be using the laptop on the move.
D power rating How powerful
AMD Turion The AMD mobile processor which is ideal for working on the move. Superfast performance with longer battery life.
1024 MB memory (RAM) Allows more functions to be performed at once. More memory means a faster PC
14.1 inches screen size The size and shape of the screen. Widescreen gives you laptop a cinematic shaped screen, great for watching films. Look for bright screens which are clearer, and easier to read in bright lighting such as outdoors and on trains
80 GB storage (hard drive) Also known as the hard disk, where all your files, such as documents, MP3 music and games are stored. Larger drives can store more. 1GB = 200 MP3 music songs
128 ATI X110 MB shared graphics An economical solution that borrows your computers main memory to use for graphics. Fine for basic computing tasks but not powerful enough for digital photography, video editing and gaming
2:30 hours battery life (maximum) The approximate life of the battery in hours. This is dependant on what the laptop is being used for.
Standard speakers produces sound from the laptop. Great for watching DVDs, li stening to music and playing games.
4 USB 2.0 slots Lets you connect peripherals such as printers and digital cameras to your laptop
Empowering T echnology application software The extra programs that come on your laptop - Works is a set of basic office tools such as a word processor and spreadsheet. WorksSuite is a more advanced version with more programs
Wired networking Lets the laptop plug into a wired network
Gigabit LAN 1000Mbits The fastest wired networking standard available
Dial-up modem included Lets you use the internet. 56k dial-up modems are now becoming obsolete as broadband internet becomes more popular
1 PC card slots An expansion slot for adding an additional card to your PC - for adding functionsl like extra Firewire or USB sockets or adding a TV tuner
MK36 processor model number The model of the processor- the higher the number the better
1.6 GHz processor clock speed the clock speed of the processor measured in Ghz. The higher the number, the faster the laptop will perform
2 MB processor cache The buffer of the processor - the larger it is the smoother the laptop will work
533 MHz processor bus How quickly the processor can recieve information to work on - the higher this number, the more powerful the laptop is
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Operating system is what you see when you use the computer. Windows Vista is the latest version - the Premium version looks amazing
Plays & records DVD & CD Choose an optical drive that suits your needs. CDs are great for albums, DVDs are great for large data back-ups and movies. Look for Blu-Ray and HD DVD drives which are the latest technology and give far more storage - great for high definition content & data back-ups
Bright widescreen Widescreen is a cinematic screen shape that allows your laptop to fold-closed smaller, and is better for watching films on. Bright Screen is a screen that will give a clearer display with vivid bright colours - especially good in bright lighting conditions, but will be easier on the eye in all lighting

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