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Chase Templeton Over 50s Life Insurance As a member of GreasyPalm you will earn £37.50 Cashback

Guaranteed Over 50s Life Cover is an affordable way to leave the ones you love a useful cash lump sum to help them cover the cost of your funeral, help clear unpaid bills and make their life a little easier when you're gone.

Compare prices and benefits from two of the leading providers, Engage Mutual and Shepherds Friendly Society and apply online in minutes.

All UK residents aged between 50 and 75 will be accepted.

You won’t need to visit your GP and you won’t be asked any questions about your health

You decide how much you want your family to receive as a lump sum on your death.

You can choose how much you want to pay each month and that premium will never increase.

Who are Chase Templeton?
We’re a leading independent broker specialising in clearly explained, simply arranged insurance for personal and business clients.

Their services are free and they don’t charge any fees. Get a quote today and find out why 98% of their customers would recommend them to a friend! Get a quote and compare plans in minutes with our easy to use comparison tool.

Get £37.50 cashback when you buy an over 50s plan online and maintain the policy for a minimum of 1 month.
If you DO NOT want to join and claim your cashback then click here to visit Chase Templeton Over 50s Life Insurance

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