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Orange Broadband is changing to EE broadband, so customers will be able to access the latest technology which has been designed to make their digital lives better. Customers will receive exactly the same benefits and value broadband as they do so to date, but they will also be able to upgrade to fibre for the first time, as well as receive discounts from 4G plans.

EE Broadband offers unlimited broadband & calls from just £2 per month! For 12 months plus line rental from £11 per month.

Just call the free phone number to sign up to this great deal! You'll be asked for your GreasyPalm user name and registered email address

Get £35.00 cashback when you activate a new account with Orange Broadband!

* 12 month contract. £2 a month for 12 months then £6.00 a month. Includes £10.00 a month discount for EE, T-Mobile and Orange mobile customers in our network area.
** Line rental £11.00 a month if you pay 12 months upfront, otherwise £15.40. Also includes weekend landline calls. Hurry offer ends 30th April 2014. Terms and conditions
If you DO NOT want to join and claim your cashback then click here to visit EE Broadband

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