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All Broadband plans from EE come with unlimited data and a choice of inclusive calls. Take out any broadband plan and get a year's subscription to award-winning anti-virus security with parental controls. We offer the fastest speeds your line can handle with the ADSL technology. The actual speeds you receive will depend on how far you are from the exchange, and the quality of the internal wiring. Speeds are typically up to 14 Mb/sec in most areas. We offer a range of standard broadband plans to suit your needs. All these come with a minimum term of 12 months with a choice of inclusive calls from your home phone. For customers who are in an EE Broadband network area (approximately 85% of the UK) there is no connection fee. For customers who are outside of our network area, we still offer a great range of plans, which come with a one off £30 installation cost.
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